engineering is about using science to find creative and practical solutions


unvarying quality


one mans magic is another mans engineering


architecture begins where engineering ends

We build on our diversified skills to bring a richness of perspective

This drives innovative solutions for our clients and improves our understanding of the world in which we work

areas of expertise

IBEC is a multi-disciplinary engineering practice, providing consultancy services to the built environment on commercial, residential and hospitality projects

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Our USPs

Technical Excellence

Through expertise an deep insight gathered through years of experience we can offer our Clients best practice solutions they can value and trust.


We look to foster long term relationships with our Clients.

Innovative Design Solutions

We pride ourselves on pushing the boundaries and looking outside the normal design solutions to ensure that we offer the Client the best engineering solution – to suit the application and budget.

Technical Solution vs Financial Constraints

We also understand the importance of money and treat the Client’s funds as if they were our own. Hence we always strive for the best ECONOMIC Solution.

Good Project Management

Good Project Management across the project life cycle is a given, but we endeavour to go beyond. We understand the needs to always push the boundaries and engage in a continuous improvement process to ensure successful project delivery.

Multi – Disciplinary Offering

We operate as an integrated practice, offering our Clients the benefit of multi-disciplinary teams under one roof.


The Client is the reason we are in business and we strive to provide them outstanding service.

Green Building Consultancy

We have specialised skills in designing sustainable engineering solutions.


We have been in operation for numerous years and have grown into a multi-national organisation. We have vast experience as well as the depth and breadth of expertise and knowledge to offer the best engineering solutions.