• Architectural lighting
  • Building management systems
  • Data cabling and communication networks
  • Monitoring schedule and cash flow.
  • Electrical reticulation
  • Fire detection & evacuation systems
  • Generating plant
  • Infrastructure
  • Lighting and floodlighting
  • Lightning protection & earthing
  • MV and LV reticulation
  • Security and surveillance systems
  • Specialist lighting control systems
  • Standby generating plant
  • Telecommunications installations
  • UPS installations
  • Vertical transportation


Electrical engineering deals with the design of electrical system for power generation, distribution, control and communications. Our engineers work with the professional team (architects, engineers, interior designers, contractors) to integrate active systems and equipment into the building elements whilst satisfying the needs for comfort and ease of operation.

It includes the design, load calculation/assessment, sizing of the of the following systems to building standards requirements.

  • Power generation and distribution
  • Lighting
  • Fire alarm and detection
  • Building management systems
  • Structured cabling and communication networks
  • Satellite TV and local signal infrastructure (Fibre and Coax)
  • Telecommunications system
  • Audio-visual system
  • Security and surveillance systems